Xbox S One Controller Of 2023 - Top Models Ranked By Experts

We rely on experts to evaluate and curate notable products to find out the Xbox s one controller for you. They assist us factor in important buyer considerations like durability, budget-friendliness, and simplicity of usage to discover and suggest a listing of the top products with popular brands listed below: Microsoft, Custom controllerzz, Powera, Crazy controllerz, Scuf, Rotomoon, Moddedzone, Pdp. All these models have good reviews, perform well, and are worth their cost.

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  • New Share Button and Volume Dial with One-Touch Mic Mute
  • Advanced Gaming Buttons: Two mappable buttons on back
  • 3-Way Trigger Locks for super-precise throws
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY: This official Microsoft Xbox Series X/S controller that has been customized by Crazy Controllerz is fully compatible with all past Xbox One consoles and retains all features and functions of the original controller.
  • THE CUSTOMIZATION PROCESS: Starting with a brand new official Microsoft Xbox Series X/S controller from it’s original packaging, we replace the front shell with a custom Crazy Controllerz soft touch front shell, apply a rigorous testing process, and then place the controller inside a Crazy Controllerz box for delivery to you.
  • SOFT TOUCH FEEL: Our custom soft touch coating adds a soft “velvet” like feel to your controller, additional grip for long gaming sessions, and a custom color of your choice that isn’t available anywhere else.
  • New adjustable Instant Triggers eliminate the trigger pull allowing you to switch from a regular trigger to a mouse-click action for when you need ultra-fast shots and the interchangeable textured thumbsticks ensure optimum playing ability.
  • The ergonomic design and high-performance grip provide the ultimate non-slip comfort no matter how long you play, while SCUF Instinct Pro's wireless connectivity allows you to play comfortably from a distance.
  • Express yourself with thousands of customization combinations. With wide variety of thumbstick and faceplate colors to choose from, you can make this controller truly your own.
  • 🎮WIDE COMPATIBILITY🎮:Uses 2.4G wireless connection technology to provide a stable signal within 30 feet with no latency and no dropouts. Xbox 1 wireless controller perfectly compatible with xbox one, xbox one x, xbox one s, xbox one elite, xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, windows 10, PS-3 consoles. No headphone jack
  • 🎮WIRELESS CONNECTION🎮: The Xbox controller has strong anti-interference function. 2.4GHz wireless connection, 8-10 meters receiving distance, stable connection signal. It can connect up to 2 wireless controllers at the same time. Providing you with better non-stutter gaming experience.
  • 🎮8-10 HOURS LONG STANDBY🎮:The Xbox controller has a USB charging cable. Built-in 3.7v, 700mAh lithium battery, and the charging time is 2 hours. Allowing you to play happily at a time, eliminating the trouble of frequent charging. If there is no operation in five minutes, the controller will automatically enter sleep mode to extend the battery life and save power.
  • Officially licensed by Xbox with 2-year limited warranty
  • Mappable Pro Pack - Map buttons to the rear paddles on-the-fly without letting go of the thumb sticks
  • Dual rumble motors - Immerse yourself in the game world with responsive rumble feedback
  • Made in USA.
  • ModdedZone is introducing Custom XBOX ONE S Controller with amazing design, custom mixed paints and crystal finishes. The rich graphics and the overall cosmetic manufacturing happens in house and all controller shells are made in the USA. The rich graphics and the overall cosmetic manufacturing happens in house and all controller shells are made in the USA.
  • Package contains: Custom painted original Microsoft controller, controller instruction. Please note controller doesn’t come with batteries, cables or any other accessories.
  • Plug in any compatible headset with the 3.5 millimeters stereo headset jack
  • Etched trigger grip give you extra control where you need it most
  • This is a brand new item packed in brown box packaging instead of retail package. Official Microsoft Product. No Carrying Case or Accessories are included.
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What is the shopping guidance for Xbox s one controller?

Buying the Xbox s one controller may seem counter-intuitive at times because there is so much to analyze, and you may get lost in the details. So, we hope that these instructions will help you decide for yourself whether buying the Xbox s one controller makes sense for your needs.


It makes the experience more real by having your controller shake when your character suffers damage.

Design And Comfort

The majority of Xbox One controllers are identical to the official Xbox wireless controller. However, there are some exceptions such as the Hyperkin Dude, which was designed after the original Xbox controller that was first introduced in 2001.

Many Xbox wireless controllers are designed to mimic the ergonomic shape of the original Xbox One controller. This is because most people can hold the controller comfortably. If you are looking for a more comfortable Xbox One controller, look for one with rubberized grips and interchangeable thumbsticks.


While most gamers won't think of remapping buttons to improve their games or swap out pieces of controllers for a better setup, premium Xbox One controllers are available that will. Premium Xbox One controllers are worth looking into if you are a serious Xbox One player, or participate in esports. They have hair-trigger locks that allow for faster trigger presses, multiple D-pad options, extra buttons, and additional functions.


It's affordable
There are many wired Xbox One controllers that can be used to entertain large families or groups of people. Although these budget devices may not have wireless play or vibration feedback, they can be purchased for as low as $28.

Your Xbox One console came with at least one Xbox wireless controller. You might consider buying another to play couch-side, or to change to a more personal design. Microsoft's default Xbox One controllers are quite expensive due to the limited number of colors and designs available. However, you can find an Xbox wireless controller between $45-$70. Not surprisingly, some of the most popular colors, such as white and black, are the most expensive.

You can expect to pay a little more if you want advanced button mapping, additional buttons and swappable thumbsticks. These Xbox One controllers are priced between $130 and $140.

LED Lighting

Some controllers have LED lights that glow gently in a nuclear rainbow of colors. This is a great way to stand out from the crowd!

Colors And Patterns

There are many controllers available in both one-style and two-style options. However, you might be overwhelmed by the variety of colors on Xbox wireless controllers. Take your time and explore the options. Do you prefer grey/green, Ocean Shadow or Sport White?


You can connect your Xbox One controller directly to your Xbox One without the need for AA batteries. A charging cable with a micro USB connector on one end and full-size USB on the other is required. You can simply plug the micro USB end into your controller and the USB side into the Xbox One. No need to spend more on controller batteries.

Increase the signal. Move closer to your Xbox One console and move any objects that could be interfering in the wireless signal (e.g. cordless phone, microwave oven, laptop).

Modify the buttons. To remap your Xbox One controller's buttons, open the Xbox Accessories that came preinstalled with the Xbox One S or Xbox One X consoles. It is important that the A and B buttons are still assigned to your Xbox One controller. Otherwise, you will not be able use it.

Reset your Xbox One controller back to factory settings. Open the Xbox Accessories app and select your controller. Click Configure to restore defaults.

To turn on your Xbox One, press and hold the Xbox button on controller. This prompt will turn on your Xbox One console if it was already turned on.


To summarize, We hope through our article to help you somewhat know the key factors when choosing the Xbox s one controller, with the brands that we have recommended such as: Microsoft, Custom controllerzz, Powera, Crazy controllerz, Scuf, Rotomoon, Moddedzone, Pdp.

However, if you decide to use our service, please let us know what you think by posting your thoughts in the community forums. We’ll be happy to hear from you!


1. How Do I Adjust My Xbox One Controller’s Vibration Settings?

Some people like the sound of their race car colliding with another player, while they are speeding at 100 mph. If you feel the vibrating controller is distracting, try these options.

Click the "Xbox” button.
Navigate to System, Settings and Ease-of-Access, Controller, Vibration settings.

Some Xbox One controllers have only the ability to toggle vibration on and off. However, more advanced models can fine-tune feedback vibration settings.

2. How Do I Connect A Wireless Xbox One Controller To My Xbox One Console For The First Time?

It's much easier than you think! It's easier than you might think! The Connect button is located below the console's power button. It is next to three curved lines that look similar to radio waves. Next, press and release your Connect button on the controller. After a few seconds, the Xbox button at the center of the controller will flash. When the Xbox button remains illuminated, you'll know it has secured connection to your console.

3. How Do I Update My Xbox One Controller?

Microsoft releases regular controller enhancements. Follow these steps if your device needs the most recent software update:

To open the guide, press the Xbox button.
Navigate to System, Kinect & Devices or Devices & Accessories and choose your controller.
You will find the Device info menu. Select the Firmware version and then press Continue.
You're good to go once you see the message "Controller Updated".

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