WORKSHOP: PCB Designing & Soldering

A two-day workshop on PCB designing and soldering was organised by IEEE RAS GECBH on August 17 & 18, 2019 in the College. The workshop was open to students from all colleges. 101 students from different Colleges in Trivandrum participated in the same. The sessions were handled by Aswin P (Program Committee Head, IEEE RAS SB GECBH) and Sreethi S (Secretary, IEEE RAS SB GECBH). The organisers were successful in rendering the participants with both theoretical knowledge and hands on experience in Soldering and software based PCB designing.

On the first day of the workshop, more emphasis was given to soldering. The following day students were given training in Proteus software. The participants were given a task during afternoon session of the same day. All students succeeded in completing the same. The winners of the task were awarded a gift marking the end of the two-day workshop. Feedback was collected from the students to facilitate documentation and to make necessary improvements in the subsequent workshops to be conducted.

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