WORKSHOP: Adobe Photoshop

IEEE Computer Society GECBH conducted a basic Session on “ADOBE PHOTOSHOP” on September 1, in MG03 Room at GEC Barton Hill. The session started with installation of Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 on all the laptops present in the session. A total of 50 students participated in the event. The basic introduction about photoshop was given by Omkar. The description of the interface was given by Ankita. The basics of PS, which included layers and selections, was taken by Omkar. Though it took time to teach these concepts, we ensured that it was clear to each and every one.

After lunch break, Mr. Akshat taught the class concepts such as Brush tool, Clone Stamp, Healing and Eraser tools. Mr. Ananthanarayan took advanced concepts such as layer mask, content aware, text tool, Layer styles etc. Lastly he displayed a demo poster, and created a poster from scratch so that participants could see and practice it.

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