Webinar: Modern Avionics Systems in Aircrafts

The IEEE MTT-S Kerala Chapter in association with the Antennas and Propagation society and Microwave Theory and Techniques Society SBC GECBH jointly conducted a ‘Webinar on Modern Avionics Systems in Aircrafts’ by Dr. U S Paul Russel [Senior Assistant General Manager, Engineering SS, Air India Engineering services Ltd.] on May 29, 2020. The session was aimed to give the participants an insight into control, automation and safety aspects of an aircraft, its instrumentation and communication system and its operations.

Dr U S Paul Russel started the session from the very basics of avionics, its uses in aircraft and sections related to electronics in an aircraft, like its instrumentation, safety, etc. He gave a detailed explanation of how human factors and psychology is still an inevitable factor in control of aircrafts even though full automation is possible and vividly explained the perils of the same. He gave us an insight on how aircraft instrumentation and automation system work, how various units of aircraft are controlled, what IMA (integrated modular avionics) is and its scope and about the various dangers encountered in an aircraft. Two airliners, Airbus A 350 and Boeing 787, were introduced to students as examples to sum up and reinforce the facts told till then.

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