Webinar: Introduction to Web Development

The webinar on Introduction to Web Development was conducted by IEEE Computer Society SBC Government Engineering College, Barton Hill in association with IEEE Kerala YP Section on July 4, 2020. The Webinar was conducted on an online platform – Google Meet and was one and a half hours long (6:30 PM – 8:00 PM). The speaker of session was Mr. Neeraj Ipe, an Associate Software Developer at UST Global and also a Website co-head at IEEE Computer Society India Council. The speaker shed light on various aspects related to web development.

He talked about the various languages and IDEs that are used in the field, the various types of tech stacks that are used and their importance. He also mentioned how a complete website is only formed with the help of both front end and backend designs. Another important topic that he covered was Git and GitHub and about how websites can be easily hosted on that platform. A demo was shown of the same.

The overall presentation was done in such an interesting and fun way that all the participants were engaged throughout. The speaker shared his personal experience in the field and also talked about he developed his skills. He shared useful tips and tricks for beginners as well. The session was followed by an interesting Q and A session as well which marked the end of the event. The webinar saw a participation of 232 people, out of which 21 were professionals.

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