Webinar: Introduction to Micro & Nanotechnology

On 27th of June 2020, IEEE RAS SBC GECBH had conducted a webinar on ‘Introduction to Micro & Nanotechnology‘ to introduce our members to the world of Nanotechnology. The session was handled by Mr. Arjun B S, Ph.D. Scholar in Biomedical Robotics and MEMS, IISc Bangalore. The session was conducted over Google Meet and there were 240 participants among which 55 were IEEE members.

The speaker began the session by explaining the scale of Research connected to Micro and Nanotechnology. He explained that “The Fundamental sciences in conventional systems that we know cannot be applied as such in the case of Nanotechnology and MEMS based systems”. The Speaker used movie references to interact better with the participants. The session revolved on important terms, facts and devices related to Micro, Nanotechnology and MEMS. The applications of nanotechnology was explained to the participants. The session that lasted for an hour ended with a doubt clearing session. The reviews suggested that the webinar was able to share proper basics of the topic.

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