Webinar: Introduction to Machine Learning

On 10th of June 2020, IEEE RAS SBC GECBH had conducted a webinar on ‘Introduction to machine learning‘ to introduce our members to the era where we witness computers being able to see, hear and learn. The session was handled by Mr.Venugopal Pai, Senior Research Engineer at IIT Bombay.

Though we were pushed to conduct it over Google Meet, the session saw a participation of 238 members among which 73 were IEEE members. The speaker began the session by discussing the difference between a scientist and engineer with the participants. He with his simple words explained how a computer “learn from experiences.”

The sesssion revolved on how to analyse a problem and to set algorithm to find the solution with several examples. The various platforms available to develop an algorithm and to use the same was introduced to the participants. The session that lasted for an hour ended with a doubt clearing session. The reviews revealed the session to be a technologically refreshing one.

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