Event: Meme Contest

The “X AE A-12” was a tech meme contest conducted by IEEE Computer Society SBC, Government Engineering College, Barton Hill. Our main aim was to engage the students in fun activity that would make them learn something as well as keep them interested. The participants were asked to send their entries to the Instagram of IEEE CS GECBH or to send the entries directly to the coordinator. We received some funny yet relatable memes and we received great responses to them as well. The entries were to be sent before June 7th, 6:00pm. They were published on June 7th, 8:00 PM and were put up for polling on our Instagram page for 24 hours. The results were solely based on the polling done by the viewers. We received 11 entries.

Dhananjay VP, a First-Year student of Government Engineering College, Barton Hill, was declared as the winner of the contest. His meme was about how we learn to print “Hello World” using every programming language and the sense of achievement we receive from that. The event was well received and the viewers had fun grading the memes as well. The winner was awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 100.

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