Initiative: Peer-to-peer Mentorship

IEEE MTT-S and APS student branch chapters of Government Engineering College, Barton Hill have jointly organised a ‘Peer-to-peer mentorship series’ exclusively for all IEEE APS and MTT-S student branch chapter members of GECBH. The session was aimed to give the members an insight into the domain of RF and Microwave engineering and to ensure that they have a strong foundation to build their future studies upon.

  • Day 1: Fundamentals of Antennas- Part 1 (Speaker: Bhavana R Nair): The speaker gave us an insight into the fundamentals of antenna, general types of antennas used for various applications and some common concepts related to antenna domain, like radiation pattern, gain, directivity, array antennas and their uses, antenna aperture, etc. 15 IEEE APS and MTT-S student branch members attended the session.
  • Day 2: Fundamentals of antennas- Part 2, Introduction to metasurfaces and its simulation (Speaker: Bhavana R Nair): The students were introduced to the basic concept of metasurfaces, simulation of a transmissive polarisation converter using metasurfaces, and discussed the scatter parameters obtained, and concept of polarisation conversion ratio. She also discussed the principle of pattern multiplication for an array of similar antennas. 20 IEEE APS and MTT-S student branch chapter members attended the session.
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