INDUSTRIAL VISIT: Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre (LPSC)

On February 6, 2020, IEEE Student Branch, Government Engineering College – Barton Hill (IEEE GECBH SB) organized a one-day Industrial visit to Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre (LPSC), a research and development centre functioning under Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), at Valiamala, Trivandrum. A group of 25 students from various departments, studying in various semesters, was accompanied by a faculty member.

The students were welcomed by the HR Department of the organization and was led to a seminar hall. The students were given an introductory video presentation regarding the activities of LPSC, Valiamala, the projects undertaken in the past and present, the modus operandi, outsourcing of works, and future projects to be undertaken. They were given a brief theoretical overview of propulsion systems (solid, liquid and electrical), cryogenic and semi-cryogenic propulsion, the differences between solid and liquid propulsion, common liquid propellants and oxidizers used, parameters measured (like specific impulse (Isp)), and the future of Indian space technology.

The students were later taken to Integrated Assembly and Testing Facility- Spacecraft Thrusters (IATF-ST). It is intended to perform high altitude testing for performance evaluation of spacecraft thrusters of ISRO’s satellite thrusters. The students were then led to an electronics lab which had various facilities to measure system compatibility, interference and problems on components due to radiation environment in Van Allen belt, sensor compatibility testing, and to design various electronic control systems for activation of boosters during pitch, yaw or roll.

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