“When technology meets talent, the outcomes are sure to be revolutionary”

IEEE Student Branch, Government Engineering College Barton Hill since its inception in January 2005 has showed valour in every stage of its existence, one better than the next.

In this era where community efforts play key role in technological advancement, the activities of the student branch of the World’s largest community of professionals, IEEE assume greater significance. The IEEE student branch in GECBH at present has active chapters of 

  • IEEE Robotics and Automation Society,
  • IEEE Computer Society,
  • IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society &
  • IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (to be inaugurated)

A notable initiative of last year is PROJECT CANDELA that built safe, low – cost, waterproof LED lamps designed to last for more than 15 hours. The lamps were disturbed in flood affected areas, and the timely intervention was widely recognized by Government Authorities. 


The IEEE Student Branch of GECBH has proved, over the years, their capabilities and strengths. As each year passes, the SB catches the attention of students, by showcasing the spirit and determination of every volunteer, and every member who contributes to the development of the SB. As time progresses, the value of this SB has exponentially increased, creating a stunning image, amongst others in the IEEE Kerala Section. It has always and continues to produce quality workshops, talks and industrial visits, staying true to mottos of the technical organization. It’s a pleasure to see the members of the SB extending support to those who require technical assistance. I am proud to be the counselor of this student branch.

Dr. Birenjith P.S. (Branch Counselor, SB 2019)


Being an IEEE member is a de-facto standard for every aspiring young engineer. It connects us to a community of professionals that help us to interact with, get mentored and grow by supporting each other. Being a part of this prestigious society for the past four years of my engineering study revealed to me how engineers should be and how to observe my surroundings to bring up innovative solutions needed for the society at large by exposing me to the latest technology. It not only helped me to be a good engineer but also reformed me as a good social being.

Ajay Wilson (Chair, SB 2019)

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