EXPLORER: Seek and you shall find

“Reason, observation and experience: the holy trinity of science” Robert Green Ingersoll

Are you someone who loves solving puzzles? How about learning some science along with it? Then there’s no better an opportunity for you than this one:

As part of the National Science Week’21 celebration, IEEE CS GECBH proudly presents to you: Explorer: Seek and you shall find, a word hunt competition on the theme of science and technology. The event will be OPEN TO ALL with registration FREE OF COST and there will be exciting prizes up for grabs!

?️ Date: 27th February, 2021.
⏱️ Time: 7PM – 7:30PM
? Prizes worth ₹600

For more details, contact:
Abhouma: +919567151683
Vaishnavu: +917025446948

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