Event: Kreative – Online Doodling Competition

“It is only by drawing often, drawing everything, drawing incessantly, that one fine day you discover, to your surprise, that you have rendered something in its true character.” – Camille Pissarro

During this pandemic, we all are staying connected while staying home and we just can’t imagine a day without internet and our phones. If can you think of a doodle from your lockdown moments, then be ready with your pens to express beyond words cuz IEEE WIE AG GECBH and IEEE CS SBC GECBH is all set with “Kreative“, an online doodling competition because Art speaks where words are unable to explain.

Theme: Lockdown and Internet
Rules & Regulations: https://bit.ly/2CpfFGg

? The competition is Open to ALL
? The entry should be submitted on or before July 25

TOP 3 will win one month Amazon Prime Video membership subscription.

For more details, Contact
Ankita: +91 9531831919
Mehar: +91 82811197321

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