EVENT: Best Engineer 6.0

The “Best Engineer” is a flagship competition conducted by the IEEE GECBH SB for scholarship worth INR 10,000 aimed at finding the best future engineer among the freshmen on campus. The sixth edition of Best Engineer event had three very competitive rounds testing the candidates for the most crucial skills that engineers need – problem solving, basic know-how and team work.

The first round was a preliminary exam based on the basics that outline the STEM field. A test as to how they could use their existing knowledge and apply it in something as simple as a paper as well as working in a time bound stressful environment. The second round had the students choosing one among the many unsolved problems in the world, ideate, research and develop their ideas, compile a report and present their engineering solution. This was one very challenging round with a twist that meant only one team could advance to the finals, which meant their team work mattered the most.

The finals was a classic interview round conducted on January 25, 2020, that tested the blooming engineers’ ability to think, speak, solve and present themselves for who they are. The finalists had to submit a resume as well as a questionnaire that asked them why they deserved the award beforehand. From more than 250 participants and 4 finalists, Vivek Kumar Chaubey (Dept. of Information Technology) emerged the winner.

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