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IEEE Computer Society is a professional society of IEEE. Its purpose and scope are “to advance the theory, practice, and application of computer and information processing science and technology” and the “professional standing of its members.” The CS is the largest of 39 technical societies organized under the IEEE Technical Activities Board.

The Computer Society sponsors workshops and conferences, publishes a variety of peer-reviewed literature, operates technical committees, and develops IEEE computing standards. It supports more than 200 chapters worldwide and participates in educational activities at all levels of the profession, including distance learning, accreditation of higher education programs in computer science, and professional certification in software engineering.

IEEE Computer Society SBC GECBH is the leading Student Branch Chapter in terms of member count and member retentivity. The volunteers of the Computer Society are extremely active and have conducted dozens of events in the last year alone. In addition to these, the Society members release informative and helpful articles on technological advancements in the industry to keep the readers up to date. Having been awarded the Best Emerging Student Branch Chapter Award for the years 2019 and 2020, the Computer Society is set to lead the endeavor toward enriching both itself and its members.



Being members of IEEE Computer Society, we found it was important that we spread knowledge so that students can improve their coding skills and also find out ways in which they can save time during a coding competition. Hash Include(#include) is a new digital series by IEEE Computer Society SBC, Government Engineering College, Barton Hill, which will be released once every three weeks on all our social media platforms- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It consists of programming tips, tricks and Question-Answers. It will include languages like Python, C and C++. The coding team and design team are the main workforce behind this project. This a new addition to our digital content. The first issue of #include was released on 17th May, 2020.


Infobytes has been a core part of our digital content since the very beginning. This is the third version of Infobytes released by IEEE Computer Society SBC, Government Engineering College, Barton Hill. The first version was information in picture format and the second version in GIF format. This new version is being released as a 30 second video, where one of the members of our SB will be delivering the information as audio which is supported by video footage. We aim to provide information about the latest happenings in the world of technology, which include tech news and inventions. This video is released on all our social media platforms which include- Instagram, facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The first issue of Infobytes was released on 22nd May, 2020.

Ryan and Ria

Ryan and Ria is a tips and tricks style article released by IEEE Computer Society, Government Engineering College, Barton Hill during the second week of every month on all our social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These little hacks range from the ability to have split-screen windows to keystrokes to enhance workflow. Ryan and Ria is presented in a pictorial-poster format with two classic characters – Ryan and Ria – having a conversation leading to a solution to a problem one of them is facing. The main aim of Ryan and Ria is to embed the audience with lesser known tricks to improve their productivity in work and other activities on a PC. The first edition of Ryan and Ria was released on March 16, 2019.


  • Richard E. Merwin Scholarship: Recognizes and rewards active student volunteer leaders in student branches or chapters who show promise in their academic and professional efforts. Read more…
  • Lance Stafford Larson Paper Contest: Encourages students to develop excellence in their communication skills and achievement in the field of computer science. Read more…
  • Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society: Executive Council of Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) encourages academic excellence for students in the computing discipline. Read more…

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ExCom 2021-22

Mrs. Josna V R
CS Chapter Advisor
Sara Solomon
Ron Regi Zacharia
Vice Chair
Suryanarayanan Menon
Abhouma S Sunil
Adwaid M
Publicity Head
Joshwin T Rajan
Coding Head

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