Ready Set Boot

“The more we reduce ourselves to machines in the lower things, the more force we shall set free to use in the higher.” ~Anna Brackett

Ever wondered how smart devices works? Ever wondered how things are automated electronically? All that’s possible by programming the hardware!

IEEE RAS SBC GECBH presents to you “Ready Set Boot “, a comprehensive workshop on hardware programming with Arduino

The workshop focuses on covering the basics of Arduino from the scratch. Arduino is an open-source platform used for building smart electronic circuits, robotics and automation purposes.

?️ Date: December 19 – 20 & 22, 2020
?️ Time: 7.30 PM – 9.00 PM

?️ Platform: Cisco WebEx

[EXCLUSIVELY] for first year students of GEC Barton Hill

NO Registration Fees | Learn the basics completely free of cost!

We also announce the [R•S•B CHALLENGE]
Top 3 projects developed by the participants (after the workshop) will recieve a cash prize from a pool of INR 3000

☎️ For queries, contact:
Abhijith: +919074183828
Amal: +917356652440

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